The dog ran into the forest, and returned with a friend – a fox, and now they are inseparable. How is this possible?

Torgeir Berg is a photographer from Norway. One day the man went for a walk with Tinny, his dog. The dog was very active that day and soon ran away from his master.

Thorgeir was accustomed to this behavior of the pet, he knew that the dog was running and would soon return to him. The dog is back, but this time, not alone. Tinny brought a wild fox with him. The man noticed that the dog and the fox were behaving like old friends, so he realized that his pet was not in danger. The animals very quickly found a common language and looked interested in communication.

Tinny showed with all his appearance that he was glad to meet a new friend. Berg called the fox Sniffer, which means “sniffer”. At first, the fox sniffed at the dog, but quickly became convinced of the relationship.

After the traditional introduction ritual, the animals began to meet often to play with each other. Berg began to think about taking the fox home, because the predator was very friendly, and the photographer could take care of several pets at once. Tinny would also be delighted if he had a friend with whom he could spend time while his master is working.

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