The dog stayed at the door of the shop and with praying face looked at the man’s face. The man with an expensive overcoat was not indifferent

The dog came to the shoprecently .At first he stayed in the refueling station then the owner did not allow the workers to keep it there.

In summer it was not so difficult,it is easy to keep yourself  in the street in warm wether but it is difficult when its cold. It started already winter.

One day when the dog was sleeping under the chair in the park a man came and started speaking by the telephone and the dog understood all his speach.

The man got angry and the dog anderstanding it went out started calming the man with roaring.

They stayed there ten or more minutes and when the man wanted to go it started rain and he called the dog in order not to leave there.. It was already much time the dog was in the warm cabin of the car and it was the start of his new and good life.

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