The dog was sitting on the snow waiting his owner but he did not know he had already been forgotten

There  are a lot of stories about dogs and their owners  who live frankly but only owners betrey the pets and they never forget it as they are very honest and never betray.It is very difficult for them that they are thrown away as an ansver for their love.

Karl was a very beautiful honest one and lived with a family who threw him away  without thinkink that its cold outdoors.

She cought a cold  was very sad and alone but also had a great hope that they could come one day.

People walking in the street saw the dog  and called to a Security Of  Dogs.

And told the Security Memberss that Karla had already sat there 5 days.The poor dog waited and waited.

He did not want to go with anybody and also was very frightened of them.

He ran so fast from everybody that valanteers could hardly catch him but they did it.

they took the dog a warm place feed him  took him to sleep and  not very long after he felt very good .

now the dog lives in a gret safetiness.

WE hope thet this and all pets will not have sush difficulties will never be thrown .



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