The dog who lived in the forest took care of seven kittens

The unable woman who lived in Georgia could not walk and nobody becides her dog help her.

One day the dog was very strange and the woman understood that the dog wanted to tell her.THe dog always listened her but that day khusky was very strange she drugged her ouner.She was out of control.

At the and of the day the woman went to the forest with the help of dog.


And great surprize she saw the box which someone threw in the forest.

She was surprised seeing the newborn kittens which the dog took under teh tree and warmed them with wool.

Witney the owner of the dog shared her emotions with us being very proud of her dog.

She lived with an aid of her dog  and she knew the dog was very clever and kind but help kittens its much difficult and strange for her .

Now we can really tell that dogs are not only shy and sometimes frightening but also very  kind and helpful.

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