The emaciated dog stayed in the rain for 3 days. Upon seeing them, the doctor said, “He had one day left

The emaciated dog stayed in the rain for 3 days. Upon seeing them, the doctor said, “He had one day left.”

In one of the districts of Kursk, known for its notoriety, a small dog had been lying for several days. The last few days were rainy, and the animal was just lying in the middle of the street, nothing protecting it from the weather. People passed by.

But none of them thought about the fact that the animal was lying in the cold and rain against its will. Only one woman decided that the dog was not here of its own free will and went over to check. At that point, the animal had hardly reacted to what was going on around it.

The woman left, but when she got home, she immediately called me and told me about a fox-like dog lying motionless on the sidewalk. The woman’s account was very chaotic, I couldn’t understand the animal’s condition.

I called a friend to come and get Chanterelle from the street and take her to the vet. He was soon there, but by that time the animal looked very bad.

Her condition is hard to describe with the words “thin and weak”, it was more like extreme exhaustion, and understanding this, Chanterelle looked at the world around her in such a way that the word said goodbye. The dog seemed to appreciate being helped but realized it was too late.

We immediately took Chanterelle to the clinic. According to the doctors, if the dog had not fallen into their hands, she would have lived on the street another day.

It was clear that she had been starving for a long time, she had piroplasmosis and painful paws. The vet allowed us to leave Chanterelle in the hospital, promising to take care of her .

The early morning call to the clinic was not easy for me, I was afraid Chanterelle would not survive the night. It turned out that my worries were in vain and that, under the doctor’s careful attention, the little girl was much better.

The doctor also said that donors are necessary, without their help the treatment will not progress much.

An hour later, Linda and Martha walked through the door of the clinic. Both dogs are wards of Alexander and have donated blood for their loved ones more than once before. And this time, the help of these two animals helped Chanterelle begin to recover.

She had an appetite and regained her strength. We washed her and look how beautiful she has become.

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