The husband had secretly been digging a tunnel for 15 years until his wife revealed the secret

Once, a man named Pasty Kerr decided to dig a tunnel.

However, nobody would believe that he was digging it from his bedroom for more than 15 years.

It’s funny his wife only knew about its existence after 15 years.

It turned out, the woman slept so tight that she even didn’t hear and suspected nothing special.

And, only one night when her husband left the bed she opened her eyes and followed him.

In one of his interweaves the man confessed that he intended to quit his project multiple times.

However, he went too deep to leave his last longing plan in a night.

And, it seemed so hard both to stop deepening into it and to continue to dig into it.

He said, that his wife slept only after taking relaxing pills and didn’t hear any noise all night.

So, after 15 hardworking years, the man’s odd initiation would merely be successful.

However, his plan remained unfulfilled, as the woman began not to take pills anymore.

One night she heard the noise and followed after it.

To her great surprise, she discovered an underground narrow hole in the pub.

So Patsy’s creation was revealed.

Then, he had to confess everything, though it was his wish to continue to work on it.

The case interested many people, even the local authorities reacted to the situation.

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