The kitten’s hind legs do not move: a 9-year-old boy figured out what to do and helped her

The boy named Joao is 9 years old. The child found out that his neighbors cat had recently become a mother and asked permission to look at her babies.

Among the kittens, he noticed one that could not move normally.

The hind legs of the animal were simply seen in the air, the cat could only crawl. The owners of the animal were at a loss, they understood that it would not be easy to find a home for a special baby.

Juan decided that he must help the animal. After thinking about what he could do all night, the boy came up with a plan. The child dismantled one of his toy trucks and he got a platform on which the animal can rest its hind legs.

To secure the device to the cat, João used fabric straps.

Soon the kitten was able to try out the device. It is an animal and its owners were delighted. The kitty was able to quickly master the controls of her unusual stroller and immediately went to explore the house, as well as play with her brothers and sisters.

When the cat gets bigger, the platform will have to be replaced, but the owners say they will definitely do it for their pet.

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