The left dog went 160 kilometres to meet people who saved his life

This wery wonderful story took plase five years ago in one village of Argentina.

The wife and an husband took to their house a pregnant  dog whome they named Negrida .The couple feed the dog washed him and take care of him .

Soon the little beautiful pappies were born.

When the puppies grew they gave them to their relatives then Negrida was taken to their friends who lived very long way from them.

They did it becouse thought that Negrida soon would be older and it would be very difficult for them to take care of her .


The pet lived in her new house and few days later she escaped. Not very long later Negrita came to her old house again.

She was very hungry and with scratched pows.The couple gave her food to eat washed as they had done it  long and took her to the wounds.

Then they came home and Negrida slept the whole day long.

They immediately told all their friends that Negrida came back ,they desided never leave her becouse the destiny      made them being  together.

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