The little colt stayed without mom but him gave an aid the big dog

The little colt stayed alone in the street when he was  only 9 days and he met a dog and thought that it would be his frank friend.

The dog lived in the yard of his owners which had a farm of horses.

The dog did not like any animals,did not get aquanted with any other animal ,the colt was the one he liked.

When died colt’s mother  the dog understood that he had a great mission .

Taya died after the colts born but the owner and all doctors took a very serious care of him.

The whole night the owner did not let the horse alone and did not lose her hope but only in the  early morning the cole stayed without mom.And all that time Zip was with the owner and understood everything.And thats why dog did not want to let the poor  cole alone .
And the lonely one was happy becouse of the dog’s friendship.

Now they two live together and can not even imagine their loves without each other.

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