The melancholic dog waited for the owner for 3 years and finally met him

Roscoe ended up in a Washington orphanage when he was not yet out of puppyhood. The workers of the shelter, seeing the constantly sad mood of the dog, tried to establish contact with him, but it turned out badly for them.

It was clear that Roscoe used to have a loving family, and then something happened. What? The shelter workers shared a post about the dog on the Internet in the hope that its past owner will somehow respond.

And then a farmer contacted them. He wrote that about three years ago his dog disappeared, very similar in the description from the site. And they never managed to find her. So the man immediately received an invitation to come and see the resident of the shelter.

The employees of the institution witnessed a very touching scene: as soon as the farmer entered, the dog rushed to him, wagging its tail and expressing violent joy!

The shelter workers did not need any proof of the “relationship” between these two, and Roscoe went home with his old owner. By the way, with his former name – Rant.

The main thing in this whole story was a truly miraculous transformation of the dog – from an eternally dull melancholic, it turned into the happiest animal in the world.

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