The most fluffy cat in Thailand, which every tourist dreams of taking a picture with

Some pets become a landmark of their city or even the whole country. And what can we say about how much their pets benefit from it!After all, this is a sincere love for their beloved animal.

And if we talk about this topic, then you should definitely get acquainted with the handsome Bon-Bon.This fluffy cat lives in Thailand.This is a mixture of Japanese Bobtail and Thai cat.

Perhaps that is why he became an Internet star. Now about 400,000 people from all over the world follow Bon-Bon’s life.

And many tourists in Thailand just want to take a picture with him. After all, few people can not appreciate such a handsome cat. Moreover, everyone loves cats.

Bon-Bon became a star after his owner started posting pictures of the cat on Instagram. A cat began to appear there with a beautiful, small backpack. And this, of course, caused great admiration. Hardly anyone has seen something like this before.

It is clear that the owner of the cat has done everything to improve his figure.After all, Bon-Bon is not only soft enough, but also very well fed.But this moment also became almost the main feature of the handsome.

Now that the cat has become an Internet star, the girl takes him for walks more and more. And of course, this handsome cat almost always has his signature little backpack on his back.

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