The Polish savers wanted to save a dog’s life who did not walk

The poor dog whose name was Elis lived in Polish.The dog could not practicaly walk but she was not born in such way but his owner was so cruel monster.

He took the poor  dog to the little and dark dog cage and the pet could not do things that all animals do such as run or jump.

He gave the pet food very recently and did not care of her.

The Zoo workers came in time to help the dog but her  owner answered them with all seriousness in order not to give the pet to  them.


But they did not stop to work for having chanses to help the poor pet.

They took the dog to have a recovering courses  and took her to breath the fresh air .

They anderstood that it was a real fun for her and he injoyed all moments.

But when they took her to a shelt she was frightened at first but when the trainers tought  her to walk he was happy .

They did recovering toroaioniongs for her and he was better and better each day .

Now we wish the dog be happy and never get in touch with such problems.


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