The shepherd sat for a week looking into the gutter: people realized that something was wrong here

Apparently, the shepherd used to be domestic, but later turned out to be on the street for unknown reasons. Local animal rights activists sterilized the dog and released her to the city, fixing a clip in her ear.

She wandered the streets peacefully, and the locals fed her, including Ana, who soon became her friend. One day the dog’s behavior became strange — she spent almost the whole day near the gutter, closed by a grate, looking down carefully.

This behavior attracted the attention of passers-by, and many took videos, posting them on social networks. A few days later, the shepherd became a local celebrity, still spending time at the bars.

Ana and other residents were puzzled by the dog’s persistence, and they called the fire brigade to clear up the mystery.

Firefighters opened the grate and examined the drain with a special camera. Then one of them went down and pulled a tiny kitten out of the pipe, and then another one.

It turned out that there were three more kittens. Apparently, they found a hole in the drain somewhere, hid there from the rain and then could not get out on their own.

Ana was very touched by this discovery and decided to take all the kittens to her to find them a new home. Seeing the kittens in the girl’s arms, the dog began to happily wag his tail, as if they were her own children. Ana decided to shelter a stray dog at home, and she stayed to live with her forever.

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