The sweet elderly couple couldn’t hold their emotions: they got a new pup for Christmas from their granddaughter

Usually, people find themselves more positive and happier when owning a pet and taking care of them.

It’s one of life’s greatest most adorable experiences that a person can have.

Besides, pets are believed to be anti-stress and may also help adults teach children to take responsibility.

People often confess, that whenever they are depressed or feel lonely, they hand and cuddle a pet.

So, for this couple, nothing compares to receiving a dog as a Christmas gift.

They got a great opportunity to enjoy the cute puppyhood of this sweet creature though they are already not young.

Recently, a veterinary assistant named Stacy decided to bring a bunch of joy to her grandparents.

One day, she knocked at the door with an 8-week-old surprise being sure that it was what they needed the most.

Also, she brought with her the instruction for the proper treatment for the pet which made the elderly couple’s heart melt.

When, the grandma opened the gift box, to her great surprise, she found the super adorable puppy in it, with his tiny dog toys and food.

The warmhearted grandparents were so excited about the gift, that they could not help themselves from crying.

It was so touching to see them be joyful like kids.

Definitely, they were ready to love and take care of the lovely pup till the bottom of their hearts.

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