The unusual two-faced cat

The unusual appearance of the cat named Yana conquered the users of the net. Now the two-faced cat has 30 thousand followers.  She lives with her owner Elizabeth in Minsk. She told that the name of her lovely cat is chosen specially for the name of tow-faced Greek God called Yanusa. Liza says that the cat is special both for her appearance and character.

The followers are proud of the cat.Elizabeth is also creative person so we can often see the cat in her photos. Yana likes to walk in an open air and sometimes she travels with Elizabeth.In winters they together go in for skiing, Elizabeth buys special ski suits for her lovely cat.They do not buy only fur coat Yana has her own. Fur like this have only three faced cats, Yana and Venera whose face is devided into to equal parts; black and rufous.

These cats are miracles. It is told that this kind of cats are mixed that’s why they have original appearance.

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