The very big dog suffered from a tumour did not any hope he ran and ran faster and faster in the whole streets

The people who lived near the shelt of Krimenchug in one spring  morning got a lot of calls .

They all tald about the dog who eas alone in the street he looked very poor and ill.The shelter workers all looked and looked for the dog but could hardly find him .People who lived near told the workers where the dog was and they found him.

The dog was sitting near the door was  very weak and had a hudge tumour under his tail and it smelt very badly.

It was founded that this poor fellow was very friendly and wanted to get aquanted with a lot of people.When they told the dog to go with them the dog went silently.They told the dog Ramashka and took him to a pet hospital.

Then took him to the same shelter after three days .The dog started even eating with great apetite.

He started  smile and got in touch with other pets in the shelter.

Now he has recovering period but when he becomes well they will become .

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