The very kind dog wanted to know why he became unuseful for his owner

The car went away very quikly but the dog stayed alone in the street it means that his owner did not want to take him with them

They went to work in the city and also to live there.

Andrew who had a dog  worked in the forest as a huntsman .He liked animals but could not take care of two pets at the same time.

He thought and decided that he could not take the pet but could not leave it alone in the street.

He shouted but the dog did not stay with him all ran and ran.

The man continued shout and went with the dog but it already was cold he went home

after not much time the dog went to Andrews yard

After not very long time the man and his  new guest got on well with each other and even became friends .The dog stayed in the yard .

One day Andrew went to the city and his two dogs took with him.

And the poor dog saw his owners who were surprized to see him .

The dog looked at them and roared and roared.

Andrew explained to them that dogs can never forget people who left them alone and betray.

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