The woman did not open the door and not very late notised the dog in it

Mishelle Xenessii finished feedeing his parrots.She feeded her parrot and gave her water with the bowl.It was her friends yard shae ws shure that nobody was at home and in the yard.The woman wanted to sit in his car and went away when she saw her new passengers.

That was a dog.It was a strange dog and her eyes were shying from the happiness.The dog was shaking his tail from the happiness .The dog knew the woman who lived in the naighborhood.

It was known that the dog liked Mishel very much and when she went to feed her birds the dog always greeted her and wanted to play with her.Maybe hi did not have such kind of friend at home.Or he knew that the woman liked domesticate animals.Molli always waited her.

Thet time the dog wanted to hiode very good in order the woman did not notise him and would take him with her.The dog did everything to go with her but he might to go out.

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