The woman saved the sick dog whom left others

One day a dog named Banni was taken to the veterinary clinic where worked Eli Tompson. It was small paralytic pitbull, and the reason of this was tetanus attack for what poor dog was petrified .

The veterinary put droppers on the animal and immediately phoned the owners and informed them that it is possible to cure the dog,but they need money and time for it.

When the owner knew about dog illness he agreed for euthanasia but the veterinary did not want as it was possible to save the animal.

She decided to take care of him herself. She did what she could, gave him medicines and special food,she did not sleep at nights.She did massage.

Ella and her husband ten days long did the impossible and only after that they had hope that the dog would live.

After a month Banni could stand on his paws and shake his tail happily. Now his treatment is on a process but Ella hops soon everything will be finished and the dog will have sterling life.

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