There are five ways to help the homeless animals

We never pay attention the street animals but they always need an aid .We do not see the sadness in their eyes and never know what they  feel  but they  need to have  a real friend.

It is very good to help a cat or a dog to have a  good family to live in real safetiness.

Always help animals to be safe and if you can not do it take them to the shelter.

Even if there are bad conditions its better to be there but not in the street  in cold weather .If you have not much money even a little sam can help the shelter to feed them or do something important .There are a lot of ways to help animals in case of   what you can work as a volunteers.

Always think about how to help animals  or do something important for them.

For example you can make a photo to show it anybody who wants to give a present ,it can be a pet or you can make a report in social sites .

In a word dont be indifferent for any fellow who needs your help.

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