These heroic teenagers serve on the front lines of their local fire department helping many patients

These brave youngsters suddenly became nurses and went out of math class to help people.

Once, 16-year-old Grayden Brunet joined one of the fire departments in New York City.

Then, he was the youngest worker on the squad: he was also the youngest in the history of the company.

His obsession was so big and passionate that the youngster took his two classmates with him to sign up.

So, the brave and mature teens began to serve at the Sackets Harbor department.

Besides, they started volunteering during COVID-19 when massive support and treatment were needed.

The heroic young nurses were actively answering to heart attacks, car accidents, and speeding patients to clinics.

As one of the brave three youngsters told in an interview, they joined the squad not gaining their licenses to save patients’ lives.

So, the brave and caring young nurses admitted that they simply could not quit their responsibility.

As they said, their society would lose the ambulance for those hard days if they did that.

So, they did not return to school, instead, they integrated more students into the charitable and essential project.

They invited 5 more teens, inspired by their actions to serve in a town of 1300.

All young nurses are 16 years old and have experienced such noble and life-changing situations.

They became amazing heroes of nowadays, and are still devoted to their unconditional activity.

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