They found the left dog in the carrier and made him their best friend

An American Bred and his sun were traveling around Arkansas state in a rural sparsely populated area. It was their regular holiday, and they even did not know that the day would be out of order.

The weather was rather cold and in already dried leaves they came across something like a box. They came to the box looked in to it and saw frightened and hungry small dog which could hardly stand on paw and the dog’s body was completely covered wounds and abrasions.

At first father and his sun thought it was because of an accident but then they understood that it was a progressive infection and the reason was the staying in a carrying box for a long time. The same conclusion could be drawn judging by his overgrown claws.Father and his sun fed him with the leftovers of their food and decided to take him with them but not in a dirty carrier. They went to return in a car.
On the way the petrol of one of the motorbike finished so everything began stretch. When they returned they saw the dog laying without moving at first they thought the worst but fortunately the dog began to whine.

At home the dog was fed and bathed. After visiting the veterinary he was cured both physically and psychologically. Father and his sun adopted him and whole family loved the puppy. It is already four years Charley lives in a family.

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