This brave cat was lost

This unbelievable incident make to believe that Internet except minuses can also be helpful. This happened in France. The lost cat was so clever that decided to take into passengers train and get to the station where she lived with her owner.

The passengers took attention how the cat was crawling into the train and the conductor could not refuse her so he took her with him. Then he told that the cat was very quite, well-mannered and all way she was looking from the window till the train got to the last station.

The conductor made a photo and shared in his Tweeter where was said in which station took the cat off. And also added that the brave cat would be happy to find her owner.

The railway workers took her from the the last station. They gave her different tasty food and treated as a princess. Then the social net did its work. The user of Facebook remembered that had seen a statement where told that the owner lost her cat.

The story had happy end. The owner was informed that her lovely cat was waiting her at the station and she went there at the same day. That time everybody knew that the cat called Nuazet. We can only be proud of brave cat.

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