This Bulldog dad met his daughter for the first time: the funny scene will roll you with laughter

English bulldogs are supposed to be a very friendly and sociable breed. They are tolerant, active and playful pets.

But, while their reputation is regularly accurate, there can be exceptions to the rule too.

For example, the hero of this story.

Meet Chaucer, a newbie bulldog daddy, who met his own daughter for the first time.

During their first interaction, it took time for the lined elder dog to vision of “fatherhood”.

At first, he was anxious of this new player as a boss.

But, after all, he took the bait, smelling the little pup. “Um, sorry! Have you ever heard of a personal space?”

“Miss, that’s my hand. Please stop jumping on it”.

Finally, then Chaucer got a new more joyful vibes and started to play with his baby.

Perhaps, his new status was stressful for him.

Soon, the small baby girl let out a cute little bark and Chaucer got really into it.

Started with short play bows to creeps and dog faces.

Pawing a left here, and a right there, then lifting his hand, which was twice as her little head was.

That’s a sweet, adorable and funny play time for a dad and a daughter they could enjoy.

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