This cat used to follow his young lovers to school..

For 3 years, Ziggy the cat followed Megan and Chloe as they went to school and then allowed them to join their respective classes to go about their business in the establishment.The cat is loved and so valued there that this year he, like all students, received the right to a school photo.

Emma Roberts, her husband, their daughters Megan and Chloe (10 and 7), and their male cat Ziggy live in Drury in Flintshire, in North Wales. Megan and Chloe attend the local primary school, which is only a 10-minute walk from the house.

When they go there, they are “escorted” by the 4-year-old kitten.He doesn’t so much look after them as he goes to his favorite place. In fact, the girls’ school is where Ziggy spends most of his day. This is a habit he acquired in 2019.

As every year, this year also the students took part in the traditional school photo shoot. When Emma Roberts picked up her daughters from school and the youngest handed her an envelope, she expected to find only portraits of Chloe.

“But then, when I looked, tells the mother of the family to Metro, I burst out laughing, just like the other moms who stood next to me”. Along with pictures of her daughter, there were pictures of Ziggy)))

The latter explains that Ziggy had presented the staff of the school with a fait accompli by introducing himself there daily, and that he had no other choice but to accept him within the establishment.

During the photo shoot, the cat was very responsive. He climbed on the chair and posed in front of the lens, when no one had prompted him to do so. He seemed to know exactly what he had to do.

At school, Ziggy relaxes. “He sleeps on the principal’s desk, on piles of books and he goes to all the classrooms. He even walks around the hall when they have a gathering,” says his owner.

The director even jokes that thanks to his efforts, the four-legged is «an example for students.» More seriously, he believes that his presence at school is beneficial for children who do not have pets, who can thus interact with him and learn to respect him.

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