This cute dog joyfully joins a Police dance challenge: It’s so sweet to see him trying to follow them

A cute police dog caught everyone’s attention due to his precise movements during a dance challenge for policemen.

When the challenges on YouTube have been actively used, most people find them very funny and enjoyable.

So, this cute challenge could not even be unnoticed by police officers.

Blanco Brown created an enjoying dance manual for his new popular song “The git up”.

Surprisingly, the video has gotten more than 42 million views in just a year.

It became very popular, and for most people, it has become a real trend to dance and enjoy its movements.

Even, firemen and policemen could not stay indifferent to that funny trend and took part in such challenges.

Besides, such challenges are great motivational actions as well: the colleagues become more friendly and motivated.

Despite their real work, here also they do real teamwork by dancing harmonically.

So, the cute story of the officers and their cute service dog is such a great example.

The witnesses claimed, that it was the sweetest thing they had ever seen.

The clever cute dog was trying to imitate his colleagues so precisely that he was dancing like them.

So, this funny dance competition of the Git Up became a real sensation and immediately went viral.

The competition was so addictive, that all the workers started to dance and enjoy their “teamwork”.

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