This dog with sad eyes had little chance of being saved, but everything changed

This thirteen-year-old Labrador dog sits in a kennel at the shelter with a deplorable air and a pitiful look.

He had a sad past. His former owner neglected him and took him to the shelter asking that he be euthanized.

The pooch was so thin he barely walked. He had lost his teeth and had heartworms.

Seeing him at the shelter, animal rescuers began posting about him on social media.

A man named Bill read the sad dog commercials. He was struck dumb.

He showed the pictures of the dog to his son Joe. The fourteen-year-old boy fell in love with the dog.

Although the animal has health problems, they came to the conclusion that this treasure should be adopted.

It was a holiday season and the shelter was overwhelmed.

When they found their favorite dog, Joe picked him up and hugged him. The dog was skinny and exhausted from undernourishment.

They took him right away to a vet who prescribed medication for heartworms and arthritis.

They named him Jimmy and immediately began his treatment.

They gave him easy-to-eat canned food and day by day the animal was gaining weight and continuing to recover.

Jimmy would no longer be euthanized, he is now a well groomed and adorable dog.

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