This man rehabilitates retired military K9 dogs so they can find forever homes

Service dogs are just like soldiers. They are affected by the incidents that see and the noises that hear. So when they get retired usually their handlers adopt them. But if these dogs are not adopted, they get euthanized.

It actually hard for them to adapt to house life and new owners. They are trained dogs that are always ready to save the situation.

So not everyone can adopt a service dog. It’s sad that the heroic animals have to say goodbye to this world earlier.

Former Navy Seal, Mike Ritland didn’t want to let this happen to all the K9 service dogs, so he opened a rehabilitation center specifically for these dogs.

He helps the doggies leave out the remaining life and feel like real dogs. He teaches the retired dogs to be a dog that will lay down under the sun or will play with a ball.

Thanks to the efforts of this man, hundreds of service dogs as military working, contract working and law enforcement K9s get a second chance.

Sometimes these wonderful dogs are left because they retire, get mental or physical injuries or their handlers retire, etc.

Thankfully, 170 dogs have already been adopted during this program.

This man finds appropriate families for the dedicated service dogs.

It feels good to know that K9s rights to live is now under the attention of kind people.

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