This teddy bear was caught on camera when he was in a good mood

This cute fluffy teddy bear could be a supermodel.

Usually these creatures are not afraid of cameras, even a photographer can approach them and take a picture.

Meet this white furry friend who is only 14 weeks old.

And it was his first photo shoot.The cutie climbed the rock, playing hide and seek.

In general, he likes to enjoy the fresh air and explore new places.

A series of photos of this cutie was taken at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich.

As you can see, he is so energetic and playful.The adorable cub is enjoying a great day, he even winked at the camera!
It’s so wonderful, right?

Moreover, the fluffy baby has a good shape and lifestyle.

It weighs about 18 pounds, according to a zoo manager named Rasem Baban.

Giovanna, a 10-year-old bear, gave birth to two more cubs.

The two 3-year-old bears have taken to the Netherlands.

And now the little lion cub gets all the love and attention of his mother.

Fortunately, the cute baby is growing up healthy and very active.

Despite her mother’s love, she also receives human care and affection from all the zoo staff.

As Rasem happily says, they are happy to see the progress of their cute cub.

This is their joy and happiness!

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