Very sad cat wanted to know why nobody wanted to take him from the shelter of an employee

How is it difficult to find people who want to take pets from the shelter especially when that pets have some kind of problems.


Appa was one of that kind of pets who stayed in the shelter becouse of its abnormal kind of skin .

Are you agree that there are not much people who want to take dogs who have one leg or a cat who has  one eye .

But be sure that they got used to live in such way.

Appa is a cat who has such kind of problem

Its skin is so abnormal that you can think she is arrested.She is so anusual that you can not evena imagine without seeing her.

In shelter she is the one who has never had an employee.

But one day it was real shoke when a girl named Elic rang up and wanted to take  cat which had some kind of skin pathology as Appa.She told that she had such cat who died some days ago.

Elic took Appa to a doctor who told that Appa had such kind of heart disease as Elics cat and they started intensively cur Appa.

We should like to mention that Appa is better today becouse of Elics care .

And they both are very happy together becouse Appy is more wonderful now than before  and Elic is more careful than ever .


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