Weak and sad puppy came to the people

This story is told by a woman who saved many pets.
On day somebody called her and told that near the gas station was a poor dog with damaged foot and he could not move and looked very pathetic.

The woman sent voluntaries to the mentioned address. As soon as the dog noticed people he hobbled to them hardly. The dog called Drujok was taken to the veterinary he made suggestions that the the dog had oncology in the paw.

It was very difficult to take him to the shelter where only aviaries remained on the street. The woman with her assistants began to cure him, took him to the veterinary, treated the food bought warm blankets as it was very cold in the street.

The dog loved his saviors and he himself pull his seek paw to be treated an it was touching to tears.The worst suggestions of the veterinary did not confirmed which made his carriers to feel happy but an expensive operation was still required.After all this the veterinary did not let him to stay in an aviary as he deeded sterile conditions and two girls put him in the summer kitchen and hope to find owners for him after recovery.

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