While walking in the mountains the guy found a dog family that was left to luck

Tom often leaves in the wild and in the distance from people rests among trees and rampant vegetation. He didn’t assume that one of his trips would be a rescue operation.

When he walked along the footpath with others, he noticed movement in his direction. After a few seconds, everyone noticed how a large dog emerged from the grass.

She was very poor and behaved scared, and yet she turned out to have a litter of puppies. It was taken to a deserted place and thrown there.

At first, the dog was alert and didn’t want to approach the guys. But then she was able to confide in strangers and allowed to take her puppies into their hands.

Tom took pity on mom and the pups and decided to take them with him.

When the young man brought the dog family home, the first thing he did was set up a cozy corner for everyone. He made the rugs and laid on three babies and the mother also joined puppies.

Tom named the pet Ruby and began to take care of her and the puppies. Over time, the dog got used to Tom and began to show his love for him.

She turned out to be a kind and affectionate four-legged friend, and also very playful.

After a while, the puppies grew up and Tom began to look for new owners for them.

Gray Jax was taken by a family from a neighboring town, red-and-white Kirby was liked by one cute little girl, and the red-haired boy Tito stayed with neighbors. Ruby, on the other hand, became a full member of Tom’s family, who loved her with all his heart.

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