Woman raised two orphaned lion cubs, years have passed and here is their meeting

Animals know how to be grateful. They never forget kindness, they all their lives remember those who took care of them, who helped, who treated, who fed …

No matter how much time has passed, the animal recognizes its savior. They remember love, kindness, compassion.

Everyone knows about the gratitude of dogs, about the ability to remember the good, but this is characteristic not only of them. Grateful can be a chimpanzee, gorilla, bear, lion … or 2 lions.

The British newspaper “Daily Mirror” told an amazing story about a woman who saved two little orphaned lion cubs 7 years ago.

She fed, raised and loved them, but the predators grew and the woman could not provide them with conditions for a good life. Then she gave the kids to the Swiss zoo.

Later, two adult predators were taken to a specialized lion park in Slovakia. There they live freely in a large area next to their brothers.

It was in this park that a touching meeting took place.

This is the first meeting of the woman with her lion children after a long separation. She was very worried and didn’t know if two adult predators would remember her.

She watched with trepidation as wild cats approach the fence and then …A moment later, the lions recognized their named mother and rushed to her! How they hugged her! This is Love! This is gratitude!

This is how animals know how to love!

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