Wonderful kittens that you can fall in love with recklessly – caracals

This wild animal with unearthly eyes is charming. And it’s not often that people actually recognize him. After all, all attention is usually focused on lions, tigers and leopards.

But among the felines, there are no less amazing and beautiful animals that deserve no less interest in their person.

This graceful predator, slightly larger than a cat, with delicate tassels on the ears, will conquer any heart. Not surprisingly, in its natural habitat, this desert cat was among the domesticated predators.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! This is a caracal.

Some people think it’s a lynx, but it’s not. The caracal is smaller, slimmer and has a solid color. They are wonderful red, their color can vary from light beige to bright red, depending on their region of residence.

Their name comes from the Turkish word “Karakulak”, which means “black ears”. Caracals live in trees or in burrows that they dig themselves while nursing their young.

Caracals eat rabbits and rodents, birds. The opinion that caracals can go without water for a long time is not entirely true. They get fluid from food.

Due to their greatest activity at dawn and dusk, these animals were trained and used in ancient Iran and India as hunting animals.

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