35-ton humpback whale spotted flying completely out of the water near the Mbotyi coast, South Africa

If you go sightseeing of the shore, that’s a great idea. But when a 35-ton humpback whale decides to amaze you with its whole beauty, that becomes exceptional and fantastic tour!

Not everyone of us witness once-in-a-lifetime views but everybody can at least be informed about the majestic incident.

This was one of those non-repeating moments when the whale jumped completely out of the water.

A scuba driver Craig Capehart was the lucky man of this story. He had the chance to see a 35-ton whale completely out of the water in the coast of Mbotyi, Indian Ocean.

The man was astonished but didn’t lose himself. He captured the unforgettable scene on the camera.

This extremely rare sight gained many view on social media. Craig wrote that it was indeed an exceptional moment.

The adult humpback weighted approximately the same weight as an adult elephant.

What a breathtaking scene! I wish I was there.

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