People could save the dog who had tragic life

One day, the owner of the dog named Dasya, took him to one of the shelters in Sankt-Petersburg,saying that he was leaving and could not take the dog with him.

The dog was very clever,friendly,kind and it was only 3 years old.It was mix of Labrador and it means it was an amazing pet especially for the families where are children.For a week he was very sad in the shelter, appetite was so bad, it was very boring for him to stay in an aviary, after 15 days he stopped eating anymore.

Veterinarian revealed a chronic ailment,the reason was stress and worrying, so he was prescribed a special diet.After he was treated he was taken to the overexposure but this time also he did not have a luck. And it happened several times.Either there was a cat in the house or the owner was leaving again and they had to find another owner though temporary.Now Dasya lives in a downtown but he can not stay there anymore.And we hope that soon this brave dog will find a caring owner who will love and take care of him which he needs so much.

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