5-year-old boy with Down syndrome was lost: soon he was found with his heroic guardian Alejandro

Due to the loyalty and the big heart they have, dogs are considered to be human’s best friend and protector.

Especially, when it comes to children.

Probably, you hear of so many stories, when young kids went and got lost from home.

And, they found out with their guardian angels who went with them to protect them in any situation.

So, only recently, this accident has happened to a missing young boy.

Luckily, the kid was discovered safe and sound with his guardian German Shepherd.

Once, police officers of the Houston Police Station have received a call about a 5-year-old boy.

He was spotted by walking along train tracks with a companion of a dog.

Sgt. Ricardo Sales states, that the young boy with Dawn Syndrome sett off home and was almost a half a mile far from the house.

He adds, that the heroic Alejandro German Shepherd had chased the boy all the time, declaring himself as his guardian.

And, even when Sales started walking with the boy, the loyal Shepherd followed him.

Only, when the dog realized the boy was not wandering anymore, he went aside stopping to follow him.

Alejandro was so smart, that he never took his eyes off the kid.

In addition, Sales said, that the smart pet was not barking all the road to the department.

He was just keeping his human on his sight.

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