8 children, 92 grandchildren..The great-grandmother celebrated her birthday with her big and friendly family

At the beginning of June this year, the English Countess Rose Sharp celebrated her 100th birthday. Rose Sharp was not only a great liver, but also the proud founder of a large family.She has 8 children and 92 grandchildren!

All these family members came to the grandmother’s house to celebrate her birthday. Rose herself came from a large family, she had two sisters and four brothers.

At the age of 19, the lovers got married. They lived happily together for 35 years and had eight children, six boys and two girls. The eldest child, Carol Jasper, is 77 years old today.

Carol had five children and a daughter had seven children. The birthday celebrations this year have been a real gift for Rose, as she is in her 40s and hasn’t seen her grandchildren in a long time and they have grown a lot since then.

Rose even remembers all the names exactly: her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren, and her great-great-grandchildren.

Rose first met the child at a birthday party and it was her greatest gift, along with the love and attention from many family members.

Another surprising event happened that day.A telegram from Queen Elizabeth II sending her best wishes on the occasion of her centenary.

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