A 12-year-old boy made a Lego stroller for his two-paws pet

Little dog Gracie was not easy from birth. She was born with a rare disease, she was born without front paws.For this reason, the former owners immediately threw her out into the street, but kind people found the baby and took her to the veterinary clinic.

The unfortunate woman was very tired, because it is difficult for a two-paws dog to survive, but she had a much will to live.

Veterinarians very soon helped her and kind people adopted her.

It was the Turley family, owners of an abandoned animal shelter. The family already had one dog with paralysis, another with a missing paw, so they had experience in nursing such pets.

As Gracie got older, It became increasingly difficult. She was small for a wheelchair and she wanted to move. And then 12-year-old boy Dylan made a wheelchair for his pet from Lego blocks.

Most surprisingly, the wheelchair became a perfect fit for the dog at no cost, and besides, it could be adjusted to his height.
Dylan worked on this design for two weeks, so the results exceeded all expectations.

Very soon, Gracie adapted to her wheelchair and fully moved around on it, and not only walked, but also ran.When the dog got older, she already bought a stroller for adults.

So, thanks to caring people, this wonderful dog got the opportunity to live a full life.

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