A couple of circus lions for the first time out of the cage and walked on the grass

It is difficult to hold back tears when you see an animal that has been kept in a cage, especially when it comes to such regal beasts as lions.

However, unfortunately, a huge number of circuses still operate in the world, where these noble animals are forced to perform and live in captivity.

But thanks to the well-established work of the animal protection organization, two of them were saved and given the opportunity to feel the beauty of freedom. And the moment when these two stepped on the grass for the first time in their lives is simply priceless.

Tarzan and Tanya lived in captivity for more than eight years and led a miserable existence in the Guatemalan circus. But, fortunately, the animal rights activists became aware of this and organized an operation to save them.

Fortunately, after many years of hardship , Tanya and Tarzan were eventually taken to a rehabilitation center, and then taken to a reserve in South Africa, where living conditions are as close to natural as possible.

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