A creature was discovered by fishermen on an iceberg in the sea. They have to move swiftly.

Most often, cold seas are fraught with many surprises.

Fishermen were counting on a decent catch, but fate prepared another surprise for them. They managed to sail 6 km into the open sea, carefully making their way through the many ice blocks of the cold sea.

Everything went smoothly until they spotted an iceberg directly ahead. There was something right on top of it.

The fishermen became alert, the sea began to worry, and the boat gradually swayed. They approached the ice floe and realized that they had never seen such a creature before. It did not at all resemble a seal and stood on four legs.

The creature turned out to be an Arctic fox. She wanted to get closer to the approaching ship. The men thought it would be nice to save the defenseless animal that remained on the iceberg.

The fishermen acted carefully so as not to frighten off the fox.

They lifted the animal aboard and immediately threw a dry towel over it.

She slept for 5 or 6 hours, and when she woke up, they fed her canned sausages. Finally, they were back on dry land. The men released the animal to its natural habitat. They chose a small clearing near the seaport, where they moored their ship.

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