A homeless dog was lying outside a bookstore… And then he went inside and changed his life

This story is both touching and very funny. It happened on the campus of the Brazilian University Feevale.

One fine day, a stray dog appeared at the door of the bookstore «Infinity», which no one had ever seen before. For unclear reasons, he decided to be there.

The “Brazilian Ball” was resting, curled up at the door, and then decided to go inside. And he did it for a reason. It turns out that the dog was not mind … reading a book! Well, or look at the pictures — we don’t know for sure.

And what else can you think when you see how a pet went into a store, stole a book and ran out into the street with it?

Do you know which book the dog chose? Must to say, he has good taste in literature. The choice fell on the Italian novel by Elena Ferrante «The Days of Abandonment». It is a pity that the pet cannot tell what attracted him so much to this particular book …

Unfortunately, the thief failed to «read» the novel — a passer-by caught him on the street and took the book away, and then returned it back to the store.

A video of the dog’s misbehavior went viral on the internet. Of course, everything that happened couldn’t go unnoticed by the media, so very soon journalists came to the store to personally look at the strange pet.

And what do you think happened next? Wonder Dog decided to repeat his trick for visitors.

Actually, very soon the pet was tired of the attention of journalists, and he lay down to rest.

But the funny story didn’t end there! The video was also noticed by animal advocates from the organization Projeto Amparo Animal.

The pet was examined by doctors, fed, vaccinated and found temporary overexposure.

Now the “lover of books” is waiting for a loving owner to be found for him.

We wish this charming baby to find a home as soon as possible! Have you helped homeless animals?

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