A huge elephant meets a herd of 20 hippos

Despite their portrayal in the media, hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in the world. They are fiercely territorial and powerful creatures, and most animals know to stay away from them.

When a group of tourists saw an elephant wading into the river, they expected the worst. This “big baby” elephant dwarfed the water horses, but more than 20 hippos were swimming in the water.

At first it seemed to stop. The hippos lounged in the river, and the elephant sucked up water and poured it onto their back. Then, the elephant flapped its ears and moved on.

Instead of hitting the gentle giant, the hippo created a path. “The mutual respect between the two was fascinating,» said one commenter. “The elephant walks slowly, and the hippos part for the elephant.”

It was no surprise that this stunning shot gained nearly 6 million views. Almost 15 years since it was filmed, this short video still captures the imagination and instills a sense of awe in the viewer.

Despite the danger, the elephant did not look back while crossing the river and the hippos gave them a wide berth.

Hippos might be dangerous, but this elephant displayed a sense of grace and power that is unmatched in the animal kingdom. There can be only one king of the jungle, and in this case it was an elephant.

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