A kind dog helps a cat raise kittens

The dog decided to take on the role of an older brother and a caring nanny, and began to take care of the kittens. They were born by a stray cat, which was brought by the owner of the dog.

Two months ago, a shelter in Hamilton, Canada received a call of a pregnant cat who was wandering the streets collecting scraps. The locals wanted to help her and contacted the shelter to take her away. At first, the cat didn’t give in.

However, the volunteers managed to appease the cat and in the end she was taken to a shelter. The specialists made sure that the health of the expectant mother was in order and sent her for overexposure. The cat was named Banksy. It took him some time to get used to everything new.

But thanks to the guardians, Banksy felt safe and relaxed. Within a few days she gave birth to seven babies.All the kittens were healthy and active. And Banksy immediately took up maternal duties with might and main.She sensitively looked after the crumbs and didn’t take her eyes off them.

When the kittens grew up a little, the guardian decided to introduce them and mommy to her pet dog named Nood, who loves to babysit the kids. He immediately became interested and began to take care of the kittens, like an older brother.

Kittens fell in love with Nud in return.They are constantly next to him, and even sleep right on him. The good-natured dog treats kids with patience and sensitivity, and this is an amazingly touching sight. And the mother cat, seeing such an attentive guardian, is calm for her kids, and rests more.

Soon they will start looking for permanent homes for kittens, as well as for their mother. In the meantime, they live in love and care, including their kind furry nanny.

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