A man opted to keep a little egg he had found in a pet shop, and the result was a gorgeous parrot.

Alvin Wills is a famous Dutch Youtuber who talks to his subscribers about how he rescues birds in trouble.

This time, he decided to help a small egg, which he noticed at a pet store. A couple of budgerigars and their egg used to be in the same cage, but the female was lately bought, and in now the chick had almost no chance of hatching at all.

So this man decided to take the egg home and see if he could save the future chick.

The egg was so tiny that it fit into a matchbox. Alvin presented budgies are one of the smallest parrots. Now Alvin placed the egg in an incubator.

The first few days, there was nothing new, and on the fourth, the animal lover noticed a heartbeat.

In nature, females turn eggs. Alvin had to do it three times a day in the incubator. On day 19, the chick eventually hatched. With the arrival of the baby parrot, Alvin took the role of a caring mother hen.

Over time, the tiny baby grew up into a cute parrot and learned to fly. Then Alvin remembered about his pet’s dad, that remained at the store.

He called the store and it turned out that the daddy parrot was still living there. Therefore, Alvin purchased it and brought it home, reuniting the small bird family.

The man said that he didn’t understand whether these two recognized each other, but he wants to believe that yes.

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