A small dog survives in the forest in a box covered with snow

There was less than a week left before the New Year when I received a message from Natalia on the social network. The woman asked for help, she told about the puppy. Who himself survived in the forest in winter and asked me to spread the word about him, in the hope that there will be those who want to help him.

Unfortunately, no one responded to my posts, and on the festive night I went to pick up the puppy myself. In the evening, frost fell and snow began to fall, so the box in which the girl lived was completely covered with it. The rest of the water in the bowl froze, and there was no food next to it, probably the baby had already eaten everything, and in the cold, and even on holidays, no one came to feed her. the dog was shaking with cold and fear, frightened not only by its loneliness, but also by fireworks that now and then flash in the sky.

Perhaps the baby made a wish, asking for a house and family as a New Year’s gift, but it never came true.

I think I have already used all the words in order to explain to people that you can not leave animals, but the story of Gerda shows that all this is in vain. In winter, she cannot survive in the forest. There are no shelters here, and her coat is very short, she is simply defenseless against frost.

Gerda is calm and affectionate.She is very shy and does not require much attention, even a drop of love and affection can make her happy. Unfortunately, even overexposure for her can not be found. I am ashamed and hurt that in our city everyone is so indifferent and does not understand that the life of this little girl is a great value.

I still hope for a miracle. Maybe somewhere there is a person who wants to warm and caress this baby. I cannot believe that in such a large country there are no people left in whose heart there is a place for kindness and compassion.

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