A stray cat came to a volunteer with one kitten, but soon appeared with several more

Linda Zardane from Texas looks after stray cats who live in the neighborhood. They are all sterilized to avoid a further increase in the purr population.

But one day, a volunteer noticed a cat that hadn’t been here before.

The tricolor beauty herself began to take the initiative and approach Linda, trying to draw attention to herself. True, the kitty was a little shy but still allowed herself to be stroked.

Gradually the poor began to approach the door of the house where the woman lived but was afraid to go inside. Even if the volunteer opened the door, the cat didn’t enter.

Having decided to make friends with Kelly the woman began to spend time with her often, feeding and stroking her. Their acquaintance gradually grew into a sincere friendship and emotional connection.

Linda soon thought that Kelly could be a great pet. Yes, she was a wild cat but gradually she opened her heart to a volunteer and she fell in love with the purr with all her heart.

But one day Linda noticed that the cat was rounded. It soon became clear that Kelly was pregnant. The volunteer didn’t expect such a development of events, but decided to prepare. She bought a special box for the cat in which she could keep her kittens.

Days passed, but the four-legged guest didn’t appear. Linda became worried but soon a neighbor told her that she had seen a pregnant cat. Assuming that it was Kelly, the volunteer went to the indicated place and saw her four-legged friend who was carrying a kitten in her teeth.

Moreover, she came to Linda’s house as if nothing had happened. The kitty put it down and then ran away somewhere. A moment later, she brought another kitten, and then another.Soon, five newborn babies lay in front of Linda.

The volunteer was shocked.It turns out that Kelly really trusted her, since she brought her babies. Of course the woman couldn’t let her pet down and opened the doors of her house for her.

A little time passed, the kittens grew up, and the volunteer began to distribute them. As for Kelly the woman decided that this cute kitty would be a great pet.

Yes, Linda wasn’t planning on taking another purr into her house, but meeting Kelly changed everything.

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