A ten-year-old cat with a rare condition sought assistance, and he was quickly cured.

One day, fate brought this red street cat to the threshold of a house in Ontario. The cat was about ten years old. When people found him, they saw that the ginger had problems with its paws.

The cat was named Buster, and he turned out to be old enough for street life, most likely he used to be domestic, but it is not known how much time he spent on the street.

The cat tried not to show his sick paws to anyone. Caring people decided to feed the poor animal and brought him food in a bowl, but every movement was given to the cat with great difficulty.

There was nothing left to do but take the cat to the animal rights activists. And this is what the owner of the house did.

The veterinarian examined the animal and diagnosed it with plasmacytic pododermatitis. In this rare condition, the pads soften and cause pain and swelling. Over time, bleeding may occur.

The disease is curable, and with daily procedures, it is possible to defeat it. The cat was prescribed antibiotics and tightly bandaged paws.

The procedures had a positive effect, and the paws were restored, the cat returned to normal life.

The special bandages were removed after a few weeks, and the cat’s paws were completely healthy.

It took almost two months for the cat to fully recover. Now, this handsome kitty is looking for a new loving family.

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