A woman finds her father napping with neighborhood dogs

A visiting woman finds her father napping with his friends, curiously the neighborhood dogs.

Whenever Catey Hall visits her father, there’s a good chance she’ll find him napping on the couch, but the man is never alone. He is usually accompanied by his pets, but the most curious thing is that the neighborhood dogs join in the nap to form a big pile.

Lon Watson, Catey’s father, has always loved dogs, loving them so much that he even volunteers for the local Pound on the Hill rescue center. There, the kind-hearted man ensures that all rescued animals receive the much-needed help and find a home.

According to Catey, Lon always helps homeless dogs and, throughout his life, he has seen him rescue many animals in need.
He even works with other rescue centers in the region to find suitable homes for dogs rescued from the street. However, not all manage to be rehoused and some stay with Papa Lon for the rest of their lives.

At the moment, Lon has four dogs living at home, all of which have been rescued and rehabilitated by him and his wife.

But, not surprisingly, he receives daily visits from various dogs who live near his home and have a special bond with him. Hooch, Fluffer-Nutter and Rosie usually wait all day to spend time alone with Lon, which makes them very happy.

Fortunately, the neighborhood is semi-rural, so the houses are set back from the streets, where dogs can run safely.

Lon’s relationship with the visiting dogs is quite special, because it seems that they are more than just friends. Best of all, Lon’s human neighbors don’t mind that she spends time with their pets and will never interfere with her nap.

Everything seems to indicate that Lon has a strong energy that dogs perceive, so they all want to be and spend time with him. Even when the man visits his daughter, Catey’s two dogs try to take Lon home.

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