A wonderful island in Japan is a haven for wild rabbits

Okunoshima is a very tiny island in Japan, not far from Hiroshima. No one would show much interest in it if it were not inhabited by amazing inhabitants, wild rabbits. There are so many of them here that the second name of the island is Rabbit Island.

More than 700 of the cutest rabbits live on Okunoshima, living freely on its territory and contacting people without any fear.

The history of the appearance of a population in such a large number is very interesting. Initially, the island was inhabited by only three families of fishermen, however, during World War II, a secret military base was built here, which is engaged in the development of toxic gases and other types of chemicals weapons.

At the same time, a movement against this type of weapon began and the Japanese authorities tried in any way to hide the presence of the plant, and after the end of the war, the plant was completely liquidated and all evidence of its existence was destroyed.

And now there are two theories of the distribution of rabbits on the island։ according to the first, they were experimental animals of the plant and remained after its burning, and according to another, during a school trip, teenagers brought eight rabbits here, which multiplied in favorable conditions and in the absence of predators.

And which version are you leaning towards?

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